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18 18.08.2020
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Hi from totalfreebie.com Another great giveaway ! The Survial Grenade. What is a “Survival Grenade”? It’s a compact survival kit that includes 15 essential survival items tightly wrapped up in to small grenade shaped package that can be used as a key-ring, clips onto your belt or bag. comes with : Paracord (9ft) Carabiner Scalpel (2.25in) Alcohol Prep Pad Fishing Hooks (1 sml, 2 lrg) Fishing Floats (2) Fishing Weights (2) Fishing Line Jigs (2) Safety Pins (2) Needle Wire Aluminum Foil (1 sq ft) Ferro Rod Firestarter Tinder Cost = $0 no joke :) Claim your FREE Survival grenade now ! at //www.totalfreebie.com/totally-free-survival-grenade/ totalfreebie.com, have given away over 16 thousand free things, in the ast 12 months Thank you and be safe



Thank you for your information. H. Kordová Marvanová

JUDr. Hana Kordová Marvanová

Radní hl. m. Prahy

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